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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a proven form of manual therapy which works with the joints, muscles and fascia of the body to restore mobility and function and reduce pain.

Osteopaths are extensively trained in anatomy, physiology, neurology and pathology as well as clinical diagnostic skills and gait & movement analysis. This enables us to assess, diagnose and treat your whole body in relation to how you move, what your job is, the sports and hobbies you partake in, your age and your goals. We believe that to achieve the best outcomes we need to work together in a partnership so that we can best help you regain your mobility and achieve all you are wanting to achieve.

Communication is the key- communicating with your body and understanding what limitations it is currently facing, and communicating with you about realistic and achievable outcomes. 

Sometimes things are very easily resolved, and other times it involves taking the first step on more of a journey. Problems that have been gradually building and becoming chronic will obviously need more time and attention than a less involved problem. 

We are all different and that is part of the benefits of choosing osteopathy - we don't follow a formatted treatment plan - each time you visit we will reassess you and tailor that treatment to you for what you and your body need that day. We are ever changing beings! How we have slept, what we have eaten, when we last played sport, how stressed we are- all will affect how our body feels that day and how it will respond to treatment.

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