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Sports Rehab, Sports Osteo, Physical Therapists, Mobility Rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation

Sports Rehab Services

“Sports injuries” are injuries that occur during exercise, sports, outdoor activities, and sometimes just accidents. Many times, sports injuries are directly linked to overtraining/overuse or poor form during certain movements.


Injuries are also more likely to occur when the body isn’t in proper condition, meaning that muscles that should be activating during your activity are either too weak or not firing correctly, causing local muscles, that aren’t up to the task, to take up the load and eventually leading to injuries.

The most common sports injuries are:

Sprains and strains

Knee injuries

Inflamed muscles

Achilles’s tendon injuries

Pain along the shin bone

Shoulder capsule/rotator cuff damage


The many contributing factors!

There are many factors that lead to sports injuries and an Osteopath takes them all into consideration when treating your presentation. Overuse & overtraining play a big role in causing injuries but there are many other factors to be considered.

Incorrect Equipment

Incorrect equipment such as poor footwear quickly lead to ankle or foot injuries.


Did you know you’re running shoes only have about 600-700km of life in them?

Reduced Joint Flexibility

Reduced joint flexibility effects the level of your performance resulting in injury, e.g a golfer who cannot turn at the waist properly now overloads their wrists and forearms to get the swing they used to have.

Overload Muscles

People that previously played a sport a few years previous and attempt to “get straight back into it” quickly overload muscles and joints that are no longer conditioned.

Growing Bodies

Younger people are especially vulnerable as their growing bodies are often expected to perform to high standards, putting exceptional physical demands on themselves.

Simply providing a range of exercises to “strengthen” a weak area is rarely the fix for sports injuries. The persons entire biomechanics must be taken into account, as the incorrect advice can actually lead to entirely new injuries. At insight health we have several of our staff that specialize in this field.

Sports Rehab, Sports Osteo, Physical Therapists, Mobility Rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation

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"One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means you were put to the test and did not fall apart”

— Linda Poindexter"

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