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About Us

We believe that being "healthy" is a combination of many factors and we hope that Insight Healthcare can help you discover what combination of factors work best for you.

Insight Healthcare has been a keystone in the North Shore region for over 20 years. Its name has changed over this time but its original founder still remains at the heart of the clinic. 

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Our Belief

While Osteopathy is amazing in so many ways, we also know that sometimes other factors need taking into account. At Insight Healthcare we work with you to optimise your body in every way - restoring movement, reducing pain, strengthening and conditioning, postural alignment at your desk and car, exercise ideas & diet advice etc. Often simple changes or additions to your daily life can have massive impacts in how you feel.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We are a dedicated team of Osteopaths who utilise each others skill sets, ensuring our patients get the best support they need.

Osteopathy, Osteopath, ACC Osteopath

Morgan Hancock

Having spent much of his previous career in some form of service industry, Morgan wanted to move into a profession able to impact a person’s health & wellbeing, and Osteopathy was a clear choice.


Morgan has treated an extensive range of patients, including high-performance athletes, office professionals, builders, farmers & professional dancers. He holds a Masters degree in Osteopathy and has also completed courses in advanced manipulation, deep tissue techniques & Western Medical Acupuncture to supplement his skills.

Morgan lives in North Auckland on a bush block with his wife and two young children. With a background as a pâtissier he loves to cook to relax. When he can manage it, you’ll also find him trying to get to a slope in the ski season.

Osteopathy, Osteopath, ACC Osteopath

Debbie White

Debs has been working with us now for over 8 years and brings her smile and enthusiasm along every single day! Deborah (Debs) White trained in the UK at the College of Osteopaths in North London graduating in 2009 and attended the Sutherland Cranial College. Debs moved back to Auckland in 2013 to continue her work as an Osteopath and Cranial Osteopath.

Debs is a keen sportsperson, enjoying most sports particularly softball and rugby. Debs is often found on the sideline taping her team mates during softball games. She is a keen runner and gym goer.

Debs has spent time training in other aspects of treatment modalities including cranial osteopathy for treating babies, myofascial release techniques, Kinesio taping and prescribing Pilates based rehab programmes and stretching to suit the individuals needs.


Chris Solomon

For as long as Chris can remember he has had a strong interest in the human body, exercise, and health & wellbeing. The patient centred, whole body approach that osteopathy provides is a natural fit.

Chris’s approach to assessment and rehabilitation takes into consideration the physical factors, individual lifestyles, interests, beliefs and general wellbeing of each unique presentation. Patient education, self-awareness and self-management strategies play important roles in the treatment plans to help prevent future injuries.

 He has had experience working with high level triathletes and runners, weekend warriors and individuals wanting to improve their quality of life and holds a Masters degree in osteopathy, level III and IV personal training, and is a sports therapist.


Outside of practice, Chris is a a keen runner that has a strong interest in ultra-distances and a love for the outdoors.

Osteopathy, Osteopath, ACC Osteopath

Terry Lomas

Terry has been an Osteopath and Acupuncturist for over 30 years. Terry founded Northshore Osteopathic Clinic which eventually became Insight Healthcare.


We are lucky to have him working along side us now as we continue to take our clinic forward. Terry is passionate about the importance of good posture, especially in our children, and he’s been around long enough to see what treatment (& lack off treatment) does to a body in the long term.


There’s not much Terry hasn't treated over the years... he is our Yoda figure in the clinic!

"To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease"

— A.T.Still- founder of Osteopathy

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