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Pilates, Tapping + Products

Pilates, Tapping + Products

Pilates, Tapping + Products
Pilates, Tapping + Products
Pilates, Tapping + Products

Pilates Sessions

We believe that the secret to success is understanding how to maintain the changes and improvements that each treatment will offer. Stretching, conditioning, strengthening and relaxing are all essential elements in recovery from injury, or altering bad postural habits. If you have long standing problems then you need to understand what changes to make at home, and exercises you need to be doing to cement the changes we can work during your treatments.

Debbie has now completed levels 1, 2 and 3 of APPI mat-based Pilates and likes to encourage all her patients to incorporate some aspect of Pilates based exercises into their recovery programme. Debbie has been practicing pilates for several years as well and also utilises both mat and some small equipment exercises into her treatments when needed. 

The APPI system of Pilates was developed for manual therapists to use in a clinical setting for post injury recovery. It breaks all the traditional Pilates movements into different "levels" of difficulty so that even very basic exercises can be given to start the rehabilitation process. As you become stronger, more flexible and in less discomfort, the level of difficulty can be increased in relation to what you yourself can work with. 


We are also able to offer our clients Kinesio-taping when we feel it would be of benefit.

Kinesio-tape (or "Magic Tape" as our patients call it!) is pretty remarkable stuff. It is not like the traditional static tapes of old. It is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion. It is Latex-free and wearable for days at a time.


Amazing for reducing swellings and bruises, supporting ligament damage, aiding in joint injury recovery etc. Perfect for sports people as it still allows for movement and is very water resistant.

Safe for young and old and also for use during pregnancy.

Support Products

We stock a small range of products we have come to know and trust including wheat bags, foam rollers, cramp stop spray and spikey balls!! Please ask us if there is anything you need.

Make a booking with one of our team

You may book online or alternatively you may email us with your booking request at and we will phone you back to confirm your booking and discuss screening.

Pilates, Tapping + Products
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